Teri Louden, a pioneering female health care executive and successful entrepreneur, is known for her ability to predict major trends across our nation's health care industry. Over 10 years ago, she wrote "Preparing for the Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare; It's more than a trend, it's a transformation," an article predicting the significant change in our nation's health care industry to one of personal responsibility. Now, by introducing Time For Balance® programs she is focusing on helping women take charge of their work, life and health to achieve balance. She is available for one-on-one or group/team consulting and retreats to address business, career, and work-life balance issues and strategies. In addition, her leading edge seminars, workshops and retreats offer women an interactive environment to learn about:
  • Major health care trends, advances, and research that effect women's health and aging
  • Their minds, bodies, and stress buttons
  • How maintaining life balance can help reduce stress and promote sound health and healthier aging
  • Life and work and “fun” balance planning
Teri will host and facilitate each Time For Balance® event, but also draw upon her national network of traditional and holistic health care and business experts to bring talented speakers to each program. Enjoy workshops, retreats and seminars that combine not only education, but also special attention to every detail - pampering and relaxing in quiet, enjoyable environments.

Learn From Teri's Personal Journey Back to Balance!

Almost 15 years ago, at age 45, I experienced first hand the realities and also limitations of my world of traditional medicine. My path to healing was long and painful, but in the process changed my views about healthcare and the importance of living a balanced life. Like many women in the boomer generation, I had embraced my newfound career opportunities with zealot energy, along with the need for my daily exercise of speed running. I thought I was healthy, but I was out of balance. I hit a wall when I experienced a major hip injury by tearing the ligaments that hold our hips in alignment. I was in chronic pain, and I was the only one who could help me heal - I needed to slow down, go inside myself, and make major life changes. Having been a business strategic planner actually helped me see the need to develop a life change/balance plan. I reevaluated my life, changed priorities, turned inward and to meditation and spirituality for answers. My journey to recovery also led me to seek help from my amazing Greatest Generation dad - who became a major part of my healing process.

His own miracle survival story became my inspiration and example and brought me not only closer to him but with a healthier focus on achieving balance in my life.

The journey led to my writing a book about this "change-of-life" experience and about my dad. On God's Wings tells the story of the miracle survival of my Air Force pilot Dad and the amazing lessons he passed on to me. It was a wonderful journey for me and my dad to tour together to tell this story and inspire others. For more information check out www.ongodswings.com.

Teri’s Life and Business Background

As the daughter of a career Air Force pilot, Teri was born in Nagoya, Japan and grew up in an environment of international travel and frequent change that nurtured an adventurous, confident sense of “change-as-opportunity” from an early age. During her formative years, the family lived in Izmir, Turkey and she had the opportunity to experience “living history” as they traveled across countries in the Middle East, Europe, and also Egypt.

Her health care career began in 1977 in sales and marketing with Baxter Travenol Labs. She then served as Director of Corporate Strategic Planning at American Hospital Supply and as a health care consultant with Booz-Allen. An entrepreneur at heart, she left corporate America to build Louden & Company, a Chicago-based firm that provided healthcare marketing and strategy consulting along with a publishing and national conferencing business. Her next entrepreneurial endeavor was as a member of the senior management team that launched CardioNet, the first company to successfully combine wireless and medical diagnostic technologies to allow for 24/7 outpatient cardiac arrhythmia monitoring. CardioNet is known as the pioneering company in the exciting world of wireless healthcare, and for its successful IPO in early 2008.

Also within her areas of interest across healthcare is a passion for wellness and fitness, including a sound mind, body, and spirit. She is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and has practiced with yoga masters at many locations across the US. Along with her daily yoga and meditation practice, she incorporates biking and long walks on the beach.

Teri holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University (1975) and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia (1977)

For more information about Teri, visit www.louden.net.

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