Why is now the time for Time For Balance®?

Women have long been known as the queens of multi-tasking, are the primary decision-makers for all types of health care products and services, and are also the caregivers for themselves, plus their families, relatives, and friends. That's the good news. We can do so much, for so many, at one time, and at all times. This gift has well served our families and our society.

But... the world and times have changed dramatically, and the speed of change is at an extreme level. Today, it is next to impossible to manage all of the many tasks in our lives and the fast and furious bombardment of communications hitting us every minute, night and day. Stress levels are at an all time high. At the same time, more and more medical research is confirming the impact that stress has on physical and mental health for both men and women, and as a major cause of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Today, women of all ages are particularly challenged in our high- stress world because they are the caregivers for not only themselves, but also their families and relatives. Even with our multi-tasking gift, there is literally not enough time to do all that we have to do. While trying to help and nurture everyone else, it is all too typical that women end up having no time left to focus on their own needs. This is why now more than ever taking time to achieve the proper life balance is so critical to ensure a healthy mind and body.

Just Think About Why So Many Of Today's Women Are Out Of Balance
  • Full time careers and professional pursuits-business, academic, public life, medical, law. While just 30% of the total work-age female population was employed in 1960, today this figure is up to 60%. In the past few decades, women made phenomenal gains in the workplace - but at what price? While women took work by storm, there was little given up to make room for continued life balance.

  • Cell phones, emails, beepers... in essence, constant communication from not only our professional network, but also from our families, friends, relatives, and philanthropy connections.

  • Aging parents, resulting in expanded family caregiving responsibilities which are primarily handled by women.

  • Sitting longer and longer in our cars in seemingly endless traffic jams, causing not only extreme stress but taking away valuable time. Out-of-town travel that exploded for women as they entered careers that required travel, plus took vacations that required travel to be sure to get away from it all. As if air travel wasn't stressful enough even before 9-11, travelers today have the added stress of long lines, extra time required, security checking, and "no-frills" travel.

  • Divorces that change hearts and lives forever and make life balance sometimes next to impossible.

"When you need life balance, take time to retreat!"

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