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Develop Your Time For Balance® Plan

Host and Facilitator: Teri Louden

Special Guest Expert: Dr. Luann Linquist, MCC

The founder of DeleteStress.com, Luann is a nationally recognized speaker, coach, author, and psychotherapist. She is a frequent quest expert on numerous radio and television shows, including: OPRAH, CNN, FOX, GERALDO, and HARD COPY. She is also the author of numerous books, including Balancing Love and Work. To learn more about Luann, visit her site at www.deletestress.com.

About This Workshop

Receive your Time For Balance® Workbook and get ready to enjoy a fun, educational, and interactive process to develop your own personal life balance plan. This special Time For Balance® Planning Process incorporates proven techniques used to set and achieve goals. For years I have worked with leading health care executive teams to facilitate strategic retreats that focused on setting goals and developing action plans.

To achieve balance, one of the most critical steps is learning to "delete" time-wasters and
stress-enhancers in our everyday lives. When I met Dr. Luann Linquist, I knew she was the perfect guest expert for this workshop. She specializes in "The DELETE Technique" (a technique developed many years ago by Dr. Rolla Pennell) , which is a cutting-edge, rapid-response integrative process that eliminates obstacles created by work-life stress, anxiety, and even phobias that her clients have been struggling with for years. Her unique DELETE Technique quickly helps individuals break through barriers keeping them from achieving a healthy, more balanced life.

Join Luann and me as we take you on a journey to develop your personal Time For Balance® Plan.

What you will learn:
  • Understand the life balance categories and their impact on your stress level

  • Develop your current life balance profile; diagnose your areas of imbalance

  • Understand the priority areas to target to achieve better balance

  • Set life balance goals, timelines, and action steps for achieving them

  • Discuss how to overcome obstacles to achieving your life balance plan and delete time wasting and stress causing habits in your life

  • Complete your own personal life balance plan, and take it home with you to
    implement your goals for a more balanced life

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