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Determine Your Genius

Host and Facilitator: Teri Louden

Special Guest Expert: Jane Hurd, MPH

At a very young age, Jane found herself as a senior executive running large hospitals and having to manage major diverse staff and constituents. She was Chief Executive Officer of two major hospitals in Los Angeles: Harbor/UCLA Medical Center and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. In these early positions, she first began to realize the importance of understanding "genius" to insure workteam productivity and individual success. Jane is a nationally known lecturer, leadership coach, and organizational consultant.

About This Workshop

Each of us has been blessed with our own genius - that's what makes each of us so very special. The better you understand your genius, the more you can apply your special gifts to enhance your own life and that of others you touch. And, make sure you are not frustrating yourself by trying to be a genius in areas where you are not as gifted!

We tend to think of a small, select few having "genius" capability. After this unique workshop, you will understand that you and everyone around you has a special genius. The implications are major - knowing your genius can help you find your best career choices, work better with teams, and maximize your personal relationships and friendships.

Jane Hurd is a long time friend and health care industry colleague of mine and is my special guest expert for this workshop. She is the author of The Everyday Genius, Profiting from Your Strengths and Making Your Weaknesses Irrelevant. Each attendee will be given their own copy of this powerful book and then the fun begins!

This action-packed program includes:
  • An interactive discussion with Jane Hurd about how she developed The Everyday Genius and the genius that's behind her research and program

  • Hands on exercises for you to determine your genius

  • Small group discussions to share insights on the genius found in each participant and the
    implications for their work, relationships, friendships

  • Participation in Jane's specially designed team exercises to help understand how to
    work with and live with others having both similar and different geniuses ability to cope with change
"This workshop is perfect for all of us on the journey to life balance and accepting the unique and special gifts each of us has been given."

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