"Teri's incredible energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and I can attest that she definitely practices the life balance that she preaches."
Sue Tushingham McNary, Internationally Known Artist
Coronado, CA

"I know Teri to be an outstanding business woman of great achievement. When she was unexpectedly confronted with an incredibly painful physical injury, Teri was forced to rethink her own life balance and had the courage to completely redesign her life at every level. Having the opportunity to walk alongside her during this process was inspiring and beautiful, and it is in keeping with the strength of her character that she is now sharing this process with others."
Jennifer Willis, Executive Assistant
Chicago, IL

"Ever since I came to know Teri, in the 1990's when everyone was rushing to enter "the new economy" she saw the need for life balance as a significant health care trend. I saw her live out this balance in her own life and encourage her colleagues to follow her example. Once again, she has demonstrated her ability to be a true healthcare industry visionary."
Mary Pittman, President and CEO
Public Health Institute®
Oakland, CA

"Teri is a master of strategic thinking combined with the ability to lead and facilitate groups to reach conclusions they would never achieve on their own."
Kathryn Johnson, Leading Health Care
and Foundation Executive and Consultant

Kentfield, CA

"Teri was instrumental as part of the executive team who helped launch Cardionet, the first wireless cardiac telemetry company allowing 24-7 ECG monitoring outside a hospital telemetry unit."
Jim Sweeney, Chairman & CEO
Patient Safe Solutions™.
San Diego, CA

"Teri is a true role model for women entrepreneurs, balancing her business success with the ability to focus on work, staying fit, pursuing her life passions, and giving back to other women."
Karen Peters, Health Care Finance and Entrepreneur
Chicago, IL

"Teri is a great role model for women. She left corporate America at age 29 and created a nationally recognized healthcare firm. She has now discovered that there is more to your health and well being than our nation's traditional healthcare industry can provide."
Judy Spinella
Retired Chief Nurse Executive and Hospital CEO
Houston, TX

"Teri is "right on" by addressing the Yuppie Women "myth" that you can have it all! We are all now learning that we can't. It's about life balance. The sooner we all understand this, the better."
Karen Stone, Executive Vice President
Senior VP of Development
American Jewish Committee, LA Chapter
Los Angeles, CA

"With her special ability to effectively facilitate productive discussion in groups consisting of very divergent thinkers, each with their own goals and objectives, Teri makes executive retreats memorable and effective. She and her team are also "the best" in planning special and fun networking events."
Mahendra Shah, Venture Partner
Vivo Ventures
Palo Alto, CA

"Seeing Teri's awesome flexibility and strength in yoga class is very inspiring, particularly knowing that five years ago she could barely move after her major hip injury. She's living proof that taking time to find balance is a critical component of your health and well-being."
Letycia Soto, Yoga Instructor
Coronado, CA

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